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Newtown, Wellington



2019 - 2019

This project involved the installation and testing of 237 production anchors of varying depths and capacities for a Kingpost and ground beam support system. Anchors were installed along three walls of the site excavation as well as an excavated pit. All production anchors
were RB32G with depths and angles varying between 8m-17m and 15-20 degree down dip. The anchors were drilled to 150mm diameter using continuous augers with Soilmec SM-5 geotechnical drill rig.

Thirty subsoil drains were installed across the site to a depth of 5m. All drains were constructed with slotted PVC pipe wrapped in filter cloth and will later be fitted to the drainage details. Rock Control were also engaged to design and install an economical temporary works design for the excavation of a lift pit with a maximum excavation depth of 6m. An anchored A29 Bidim and Geofabric seismic mesh was installed in stages as the pit was excavated with 10mm construction rope installed in a diamond pattern for additional strength. The 110 anchors are
comprised of RB20 grouted bar to a depth of six meters.

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