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SH1, Kaikoura



2018 - 2019

Rock Control were engaged by NCTIR to construct a combination retaining and rockfall system at the site known as SR1&2, immediately south of the Peketa River and bridge. The system consists of a 60m reinforced and anchored shotcrete face continuing onto a
60m section of anchored precast panels weighing approximately 11t each, along an active slip. In addition to this the entire section also had a 500kN rockfall catchfence installed. A staged approach saw an average of five panels installed and anchored with excavation, drainage and temporary works in each stage. Rock Control's experience working in difficult conditions was hugely beneficial on this project with the challenging site dimensions and active slip environments, as crews were able to stringently plan the project and deliver it within the scheduled programme despite unexpected conditions.

This site is considered one of the most archeologically sensitive to the area, as it is known as a significant and large Maori military stronghold. All excavations were removed from site and placed for investigation by the local Iwi to ensure no artefacts were removed or
interfered with. The site itself was long and narrow which resulted in a daily lane diversion and a considered Vehicle Management Plan to allow access for the landowners as well as other contractors working in the area. The worksite sits alongside the Peketa river which is considered an environmentally sensitive area with high risk of contamination during our works. Great care and attention were taken to ensure that all materials or products were bunded, contained and or controlled to ensure no contamination was possible to the local river environment.

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