Rock Control has a range of pumps and hosing to suit a range of grouting applications. Our experienced crew and flow metres ensure accurate batching and quality assurance.

Anchor Grouting


• Twin bowl hydraulic mixer with pump capable of high pressure grouting

• Metered flow units for accurate reporting and Quality Assurance
• Extensive experience and a range of equipment for remote access grouting


Colloidal Mixing


• Recognized as the most efficient method of mixing cement-based grouts and other materials

• Superior mixing action to produce high strength, homogenous and stable mixes which resist bleed and water contamination
• Rapid mixing of grouts containing sand, up to a sand/cement ratio of 4:1 and neat cement grouts, with water/cement ratios as low as 0.36:1 without additives. Ratios may be even lower with the addition of plasticizers or super-plasticizers.


Void Filling


• Metered flow units for accurate reporting and Quality Assurance

• High volume plant for efficient filling
• Increased strength and stiffness with reduced permeability