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Higgins Construction


Port Hills, Christchurch


2021 - 2021

Higgins engaged Rock Control as subcontractors for the anchoring portion of the safety improvements being completed on Dyers Pass in Christchurch. This is a major project involving the widening of the road in many places, upgrading the drainage system, and installing three kilometres of safety barriers. All the anchors in this project were installed into new mass concrete block retaining walls designed to widen key parts of the road and improve overall resilience.

Overall this project ran smoothly, with good drilling conditions for the most part, a small number of anchors were drilled into fractured ground and required re drilling after grout stabilisation. The working area was very narrow in some locations and a couple of night shifts were utilised to maximise production under the use of the road closure. Rock Control used a 5.5t excavator with drill mast, as using any of our larger equipment would have impacted the live lane. Crews worked around other contractors on site and completed works in stages, regularly testing anchors as they waited for additional sites to open up. This meant that the engineers were able to actively monitor the quality assurance requirements as they were being completed, eliminating any need for reworks.

To date almost 400 anchors have been installed and 340 anchors have been tested.

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