In the wake of the devastating Christchurch earthquakes Rock Control has quickly become a leading supplier to the SCIRT Delivery Teams for a variety of ground anchoring and civil construction projects. Our experienced crews can deliver projects to meet stringent British Standards for corrosion protection

.and acceptance testing in any environment

Soil Nails


• Oversize holes up to 250mm in most soils

• A variety of casing systems can be installed to depths up to 12m

• Top-down staged installation for temporary support and unstable soils

• Torque tensioning post installation

• Expanding bits to bell ends for increased pull-out resistance

• Installation of sacrificial nails to determine bond lengths

• Extensive experience in a range of challenging New Zealand geology

• High capability in difficult access environments


Rock Bolting


• Experts in rockfall protection and slope stabilisation  

• A comprehensive range of drifter top hammer and down the hole hammer capabilities

• Rock-Bolting in vertical and difficult access environments

• Extensive experience with installation systems to comply with complex designs for corrosion protection and confined free lengths


Self-Drilling Anchors


• Efficient, single step installation in challenging collapsible soils

• High pressure grouting to inject void-space in granular soils – increasing pull-out resistance

• Hot dip galvanised and epoxy coated corrosion protection systems 

• Our equipment is adaptable to a range of self-drill bar and micro-pile systems  


Mechanical Ground Anchors


• Duckbill type mechanical anchors for minimal site and soil disruption

• Larger manta-ray type anchors for higher loads in cohesive soils

• A range of corrosion protection options including anodised aluminium/stainless steel systems for long-term design life



Drainage Drilling


• Sub-horizontal and array drains

• Up to 30m length in most conditions

• Dewatering and temporary works