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Established in 2010 Rock Control have quickly developed a reputation for providing high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions in the most challenging geotechnical environments.

Rock Control is structured around core specialities to provide clients with a comprehensive range of ground engineering techniques. Our solution-focused approach, adaptability and investment in high quality plant enables us to perform where others can’t.

We invest heavily in the best people and plant to carry out high-risk geotechnical projects with surety. Our crew of operators undertake wide-ranging internal and external training to give Rock Control a tight-knit, skilled and well-rounded team of professional contractors. Our crew are supported by a comprehensive safety system which is implemented on every job.

Rock Control have drilling systems to suit any ground conditions, combining high quality product with high productivity and cost efficiency. Rock Control believes in using the right tool for the job and our plant list reflects this. Sourcing the best gear from around the world allows us to tackle the most challenging projects with confidence and contingency should unexpected conditions arise.


Ground Anchoring & Drilling

Since inception Rock Control have quickly become the leading experts at soil nailing and rock bolting, for a variety of ground anchoring and micropiling on civil construction projects nationwide. Our installation experience includes grout flush self drilling anchors, strand anchors, standard solid bar, fibreglass anchors and a full range of mechanical anchors in varied ground conditions.  We also have specialist modular rigs perfect for remote access and low head room sites.

Grouting & Concreting

Rock Control has a wide range of specialist grouting equipment to suit all applications. This includes colloidal mixing and high-pressure grout plants as well as line concrete pumps. Our experienced crew and excellent equipment provide accurate batching and the highest quality. We provide inhouse concrete construction including capping beams with our team of experienced builders, and have the ability and experience to provide end to end concrete construction services including line pumping.

Shotcrete Application

Rock Control are experts in wet and dry spray shotcrete techniques in any location. With both hand spraying and robotic delivery methods our skilled American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified nozzlemen bring a vast knowledge to support world class leading equipment.   


Our services include permanent walls, high quality finishes, as well as specialising in temporary works and retaining walls.

Rope & Remote Access

We have a wealth of knowledge in rope and remote access tasks. Our crew are IRATA or IRAANZ certified and specialise in geotechnical and construction operations. Our crews are experienced and efficient in all helicopter operations to gain access and complete construction in remote locations. Rope access services and specialist equipment has been an integral part of Rock Control from day one and we have extensive experience carrying out a variety of works in vertical environments.

Rockfall Management

Rockfall Management is the keystone to our business and we have some of the most experienced people in New Zealand with local and international experience. We have excellent relationships with all suppliers of rockfall mitigation products and regularly send personnel overseas to gain an in-depth understanding of new products and installation techniques. Because this is core to our business we invest heavily in the best equipment for this type of work, in order to use the right tool for the job.

Drilling & Blasting

Rock Control have inhouse capability to undertake blasting using both conventional explosives or low detonation products for the removal and fracturing of material as required. As we specialise in a comprehensive range of ground engineering techniques that involve drilling, anchoring, grouting and slope stabilisation processes, drill and blast techniques are occasionally required during some of the above processes to achieve safe outcomes.

Specialised Solutions

Rock Control is structured around core specialities to provide clients with a comprehensive range of ground engineering services. Our solution-focused approach, adaptability and investment in high quality people and plant enables us to perform where others can’t.


We believe in bringing a solution to every problem and work with our clients and their engineers to make the complex simple.

Retaining Structures

We have extensive experience constructing and remediating a large range of retaining walls throughout New Zealand.


We have the capability to undertake complex geotechnical projects without subcontracting critical anchoring or façade work - our professional crew takes quality seriously to construct high-spec retaining structures to an immaculate finish.

Bridges & Track Structures

We love going bush and building bridges. Rock Control have a wealth of experience in remote access drilling and in the construction of swing and suspension bridges along with other track structures.


Our proven drilling capability, lateral thinking and range of portable and lightweight specialist equipment ensures critical drilling work is carried out with efficiency and security.



Civil Contractors NZ
2022 Construction Excellence Award
Highly Commended
Category 2 - Projects with a value between $5M and $20M
SR10 Rockfall Protection 
Canopy, Kaikoura

Civil Contractors NZ
2021 Canterbury Contractor of the Year
Category C - Projects $1.5m - $5m
SR10 Rockfall Protection Canopy, Kaikoura

Civil Contractors NZ
2019 Construction Excellence Award
Highly Commended
Category 1A - Projects less than $5m
Site 20 TECCO System Installation, Kaikoura


Through careful planning and smart procurement, Rock Control have developed strategies that minimise waste and recycle or reuse virtually all waste on sites. Due to our heavy involvement in urban civil construction, we have developed several in-house technologies to minimise construction pollution. As a young company, environmental awareness and protection is a key driver among both management and productive staff alike. 


Rock Control take a proactive approach to the sustainability of our operations. We have modern plant and facilities that help reduce our energy use, material waste is minimised at all opportunities, and waste is recycled whenever possible. New plant purchases are subject to scrutiny in a number of areas, with efficiency being the top priority. Our diligent planning of projects reduces instances of re-works, therefore reducing wasted time, materials, and energy.

Health & Safety

In 2015 Rock Control attained the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) accreditation at the secondary level. This system provides a framework for building successful and sustainable health and safety practices across all aspects of our business. Rock Control also consistently achieves a Green rating on the Sitewise contractor database. As always, health and safety excellence is a key driver in everything we do at Rock Control.


Rock Control have a robust Quality Management System to ensure quality and customer satisfaction on all services provided to clients. Our system has been developed internally and tailored to the highly specialised services we provide. Our QMS is fully accredited to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard and regular external audits are carried out to ensure ongoing compliance.

Rock Control working on road rock protection system


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